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That was it! I finished my solo musicproject wion after more than 15 years. There are a lot of reasons because, but the time has come to line a final pull for certain things.
The decision was not easy to me, as I was listening to some of my tracks I've produced all over the years while I was renewing the final version of this website. And, yes, I agree wistfully: this is really good music. But the people who have never been that opinion, too, do have their own problem with it!

But the end of wion is also a new beginning for me. I want to set my focus a bit more onto another new solo musicproject, which will stand for Synth-Pop and Wave/EBM with vocals essentially.
Next to that I want to fill up the life (and music) of the joint projects 'Atamp' and 'Lumen Electricum' together with Marius (ex Planetjumpin).

More information about my musically future can ever be taken from my main website www.thorstn.com (almost in german, but in english, too, if necessary) and the Twitter account @thorstn (almost in english). More links of my online presence are listed at the links site.

More free downloads
And do not forget: next to the album 'Noordwijk, NL' (released in 2008), I have listed even more music for free download (containing some previously unreleased tracks): take a look on the collection of the single tracks, albums and EPs at the music site.

And at the end...
It may sound like a hackneyed saying, but I mean it for sure: I want to thank all the people who believed in me and my music for the last years and those who supported me in any way... even it was just listening to my music gladly :-)



Bochum, 6th of January, 2014