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About wion

Bild "td:wion-live_01-08a-sw.jpg"wion is the Alter Ego of Thorsten Gumball (musician from Bochum, Germany).
The "wion sound" covers a lot of areas of electronic music, and sometimes different styles combine in several tracks.
In the year 1990, an Amiga 500, a KORG Poly 800 and a small mixer gave a chance to begin. After some trial works with hard- and software in the first months, the first compositions grew rapidly. Those compositions launched the typical "wion sound" within the next years.
Catchy melodies, fresh beats and a clear line in each track stood (and will ever stay) in the foreground of the wion sound - and it doesn't matter, if it is straight or experimental.
Basically, wion celebrates (almost danceable) instrumental music between dancefloor and lounge, between loud and gentle and between euphoria and melancholia.
Next to wion, Thorsten is producing tracks and songs for other projects and bands (electronic and pop), too.

Bild "td:homestudio01sw.jpg"The Beginning: 1990 using Amiga 500, KORG Poly 800, HiFi Mixer
Naming: at Autumn 1998 (wion)
Online: 24 July, 2000 (www.wion-beats.de)
Changes: PC and Notebook, more Synths, Behringer Xenyx 1002, Shure SM58, Tascam US122-L, M-Audio Delta 44, Cakewalk, Cubase, Magix Samplitude, sev. Recording- and Mastering Software.
The Music: House, Dance, Trance, Drum & Bass, Electro, Techno, Downbeat, Chill Out.

Live Gigs:
15 June, 2001 (Sternwarte Bochum)
18 January, 2008 (FZW Dortmund)
15 February, 2008 (FZW Dortmund)
28 June, 2008 (Ruhr In Love, Oberhausen)

Other Bands:
Meeting Frasier (1996 - 1999), Expose Reality (1999 - 2006), Dissident(en)club (2008-2009)

Publishings and Downloads: read the music site.

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