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Info (english)

I produced 4 "wion" albums, 3 EPs (mini albums) and sevaral single tracks within the past years.
Next to that, Alex Terzakis (owom) remixed two of my tracks, see below.

Some previously unreleased songs / tracks and several ideas / snippets have been published on my homepage www.gumball.de in June, 2022.

Info (deutsch)

Als "wion" habe ich in den letzten Jahren 4 Alben, 3 EPs (Mini-Alben) sowie einige Tracks produziert. Daneben hat Alex Terzakis (owom) zwei meiner Tracks neu gemixt (Remix), siehe weiter unten.

Einige bislang unveröffentlichte Songs / Tracks sowie viele kurze Ideen-Snippets habe ich im Juni 2022 auf meiner Homepage www.gumball.de veröffentlicht.


Image "music:cover-wion-lifes-fantastic-flights-200.jpg"

Life's Fantastic Flights
Release: July 2000
Tracks: 11

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Image "music:cover-wion-chill-out-reverse-200.jpg"

Chill Out / Reverse
Release: November 2000
Tracks: 12

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Image "music:cover-wion-noordwijk-nl-200.jpg"

Noordwijk, NL
Release: May 23, 2008
Tracks: 13

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Image "music:cover-wion-club-88-200.jpg"

Club 88
Release: September 18, 2009
Tracks: 13

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EPs (mini albums)

Image "music:cover-wion-39-200.jpg"

Release: March 5, 2010
Tracks: 6

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Image "music:cover-wion-more-200.jpg"

Release: March 12, 2010
Tracks: 5

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Image "music:cover-wion-vortex-200.jpg"

Vortex EP
Release: December 9, 2011
Tracks: 5

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Remixes by Alex

Remixed by Alex Terzakis (owom / Factor-4) » www.alexterz.com

All tracks written and produced by Thorsten Gumball and Alex Terzakis. All rights reserved.

01: Enter Love (Factor-4 Remix Edit) by Alex Terzakis (3:33)

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02: Sensations Overload (Factor-4 Chip Remix) by Alex Terzakis (5:12)

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