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wion Album "Life's Fantastic Flights"

Release: July 2000
Tracks: 11 (MP3, 192 kbps)
Total Playing Time: 62:29

All tracks written and produced by Thorsten Gumball. All rights reserved.


Additional info (english)

Track No. 3 ("Flight Two...") was played on December 17, 2000 within the program "Heimatkult" of the German radio station EinsLive (WDR).

Track No. 8 ("No. 1 Hit") was the "Song of the Day" on August 18, 2002 at mp3.de.

Zusatzinfos (deutsch)

Track Nr. 3 ("Flight Two...") wurde am 17. Dezember 2000 innerhalb der Sendung "Heimatkult" des deutschen Radiosenders EinsLive (WDR) gespielt.

Track Nr. 8 ("No. 1 Hit") war am 18. August 2002 der "Song des Tages" bei mp3.de.

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Songs / Tracks of "Life's Fantastic Flights"

Please note: For technical reasons, the individual tracks can only be listened to separately.
A running track stops automatically as soon as another track is started. However, any manual volume control that may have been carried out will not be accepted.
Bitte beachten: Aus technischen Gründen können die einzelnen Tracks nur separat angehört werden. Ein laufender Track stoppt automatisch, sobald ein anderer Track gestartet wird. Jedoch wird eine evtl. vorgenommene manuelle Lautstärkeregelung nicht übernommen.

01: Parts Of 21 12 (5:13)

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02: Your Face (5:36)

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03: Flight Two - The Fantastic Flight Into The Inner Selves (5:59)

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04: MakeUp Overdrive (4:20)

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05: The Long Night (7:25)

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06: Fascination (5:26)

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07: A Trip To Space (4:26)

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08: No. 1 Hit (5:03)

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09: Little Dreaming Cloud (7:31)

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10: Night Skies (5:38)

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11: wion (5:52)

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